Operating TIG welding machines is not as easy as MIG welding. TIG welding requires both hand in use, one holding the torch and another holding the filler material. Plus, creating the arc between the electrode and base metal accurately is also hard.

It is even harder for newcomers. Learning TIG welding is very hard and with proper dedication and patience, it would become easier slowly. 
However, if you have never been into welding, it is advisable that you begin with something easier and first understand the concept. And then move to challenge processes!

Thinner metals

If you will be only welding in thin metals then you are good to go with TIG, they are only good for more lightweight metals. For thicker metals, TIG weld won’t work.


Price is always an issue for people who are on a tight budget. However, TIG welding machines come with expensive price tags. In fact, TIG is the expensive one among all welding types.

Safety issue

The UV rays on TIG is very high which might damage the eye if proper safety gear is not worn. For any kind of welding, auto darkening helmet and gloves in must.


Ques: What can you weld with TIG?
–You can weld most kind of metals with TIG including non-ferrous metals such as copper, aluminum, etc.