Several months ago, I also filmed roy welding some inside and outside corner joints for another project… so when he asked me if I would like him to capture the welding on these boxes, I said heck yes.

I figured the boxes along with the arc shots I filmed earlier would make for a great instructional video for anyone wanting to learn how to tig weld aluminum…both inside and outside corner joints.


To start with, let me list the settings.

  • amperage was set to around 140 but a foot pedal was used so 140 amps was used occasionally to restart a bead, but once heat built up , it was more like 100-120 amps.
  • ac balance was set to around 33% cleaning (67% en)
  • ac frequency was set to around 120hz …a good all around setting
  • #5 standard cup using 12-15 cfh of argon
  • 3/32″ (2.4mm) 2% lanth electrode
  • 3/32″ (2.4mm) 4043 filler  ( sometimes a 1/16″ 1.6mm filler was used for tack welding